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The Joseph Tusiani's Classic Translation. Edited by Gianluca Rizzo with an essay by Glauco Cambon.

This volume presents an updated version of the classic translation of Michelangelo's poetry by Joseph Tusiani, first published in 1960, that famously prompted President JFK to call Tusiani "Michelangelo Man".
For this new edition Iuri Moscardi has rearranged the order of Michelangelo's poems in accordance with the latest philological findings. The book includes: an interview with Joseph Tusiani; a biographical profile of Tusiani, penned by Anthony J. Tamburri; Condivi's celebrated Life of Michelangelo; and finally, an extraordinary essay by Glauco Cambon, extracted from his monograph Michelangelo's Poetry: The Fury of Form. Here are its opening lines: «If the Word that was made flesh provided the last refuge for the aged artist, the translation of flesh into marble or painting and drawing, or into the written word, had been his lifework; and he put in the exercise of writing the same care that went into the carving of statue after finished (or unfinished) statue».


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