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The Ash Wednesday Supper: A New Translation

Giordano Bruno

Edited and Translated by Hilary Gatti

Giordano Bruno’s The Ash Wednesday Supper is the first of six philosophical dialogues in Italian that he wrote and published in London between 1584 and 1585. It presents a revolutionary cosmology founded on the…

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Scipio Sighele. Crowds and Mass Society

Scipio Sighele

Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Nicoletta Pireddu
Translated by Nicoletta Pireddu and Andrew Robbins
Foreword by Tom Huhn

The so-called “age of crowds” still evokes primarily the late nineteenth-century French context, with the frightening popular uprising leading to the…

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The Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library is an organic collection of Italian texts translated into English. Its role is to make available a series of one hundred works by Italian authors who have made significant literary, philosophical, juridical, and historical contributions to the world of international culture.

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The Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library is intended for both the specialist and general readership.

Lorenzo Da Ponte
quotes We have no empire, such as did the Romans, so powerful that subject cities spontaneously sought to emulate their rulers' speech... Nonetheless it can clearly be seen how, in our present times, many diverse people of intelligence and refinement, outside Italy no less than within Italy, devote much effort and study to learning and speaking our language for no other reason than love.
Giovan Battista Gelli, Ragionamento sulla lingua, 1551 quotes
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